Road Warrior TOOLKIT

Check it out…

GREAT voice-to-email dictation that works.  Receive an e-mail while in your car, respond via voice (with one click) into your mobile device, and it renders near perfect voice-to-text translation.  Hit send, and you’re good-to-go.

Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation is excellent for Blackberry (and free for a limited time), and has even more functionality for the iPhone/iPad. [I use a Blackberry on the road plus a netbook, but I do “sometimes” use an iPad]

Here are some good shortcut tips.

I also use Dragon to record thoughts during the day…  most of which I email to myself via Evernote (another cool secure service I recommend; it’s where I send all my spaghetti-throw-WOMM-ideas/pics/web-clippings, etc).

Download ‘em both.  Use ‘em.  You won’t regret it.

One comment

  1. Craig

    This is a great application. I can’t believe that they finally found something for the speller extraordinaire like me. Thanks for the tip

    I used it to write this reply

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