“Smart Meeting Checklist”

This is a great list…

Smart Meeting Checklist

  • Would skipping this meeting help or hurt our ability to ship?
  • Could it be a Wiki or Basecamp (type) meeting instead?
  • If we have to have the meeting, can we do it in a room with no chairs?
  • Can we invite fewer people? How few?
  • What’s the purpose of this meeting? Pick one of the following (only one). If there’s more than one, skip the meeting.
    • Inform people about the project
    • Learn opinions or facts that will help you ship
    • Discuss the project and gain input from interested parties
    • Pitch or approve the idea
  • After we’re finished, how will we know if the meeting was a success?”

Twelve years ago I learned from a colleague about the power of a “stand-up-ten-minute meeting.”

This check-list from Seth Godin’s “SHIPIT: A little pamphlet for people who can,” is a great affirmation of just that concept, and its effectiveness.

Road Warrior TOOLKIT

Check it out…

GREAT voice-to-email dictation that works.  Receive an e-mail while in your car, respond via voice (with one click) into your mobile device, and it renders near perfect voice-to-text translation.  Hit send, and you’re good-to-go.

Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation is excellent for Blackberry (and free for a limited time), and has even more functionality for the iPhone/iPad. [I use a Blackberry on the road plus a netbook, but I do “sometimes” use an iPad]

Here are some good shortcut tips.

I also use Dragon to record thoughts during the day…  most of which I email to myself via Evernote (another cool secure service I recommend; it’s where I send all my spaghetti-throw-WOMM-ideas/pics/web-clippings, etc).

Download ‘em both.  Use ‘em.  You won’t regret it.