It’s about using Word-of-Mouth & Sales Methodology to help your company succeed. We’ve learned from the following people/organizations, along with a handful of original thoughts of our own… Drop us a line if you’d like to throw some spaghetti with us…

good reads
Dan Roam,
Back of the Napkin

Seth Godin,
The Purple Cow

Jim Collins,
Good to Great

Dan Pink,


leverage strengths

Craig Flynn

Self proclaimed sales methodology Kool-Aid drinker, Craig has worked with sales organizations across industry, including building materials, software start-ups, hotels, & outdoor apparel & gear. Craig is a certified Miller Heiman Facilitator, WOMM Supergenius Speaker, and invited to Seth Godin’s “In My Office” meeting.
Specialties: Throwing Spaghetti.

leverage strengths

Brian Bunt

Are people talking about you? Brian’s passion is creating talk worthy topics and campaigns. Along the way he has been a speaker at Supergenius Word of Mouth Marketing and a talker for Power Messaging & Power Positioning. Brian has also completed courses in WOMM, Projecting Confidence & Miller Heiman.
Specialties: Sauce Stirring.

leverage strengths

Emily Albinski

Are people getting the right impression? Emily creates unique & memorable images to convey key messages. She has won various accolades for her work, among them top prize for LG’s Design the Future competition, collaborative cover feature of ID’s Emerging Talent issue, & a degree from RISD’s European Honors program.
Specialties: Pasta Making.

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