Brilliant Beer WOMM

Check this out…

“We don’t have exact numbers for you, but for a large percentage of soccer fans, beer is an essential part of the game experience. Preferably cold beer. Which is why Dutch brewer Grolsch is stepping in to lend a hand to anyone whose fridge breaks down during this year’s World Cup.

Customers can call the Koelkast Hulplijn (fridge hotline) and Grolsch will deliver a loaner fridge to tide them over. It’s a fun example of the trend our sister site dubbed brand butlers—brands finding new ways to serve customers, usually free of charge and not directly related to sales. We’re just slightly disappointed by the campaign’s fine print: loaners were only made available to the first 40 people to call before June 19th (the World Cup runs from June 11th through July 11th). Something to keep in mind if you’re planning a brand butler campaign of your own: unnecessarily strict limitations won’t do your generosity justice ;-)”

Doubtful many fridges went out at all. However, by focusing on said Talker group, Grolsch rallied their fans big time, and you KNOW they all told their friends.

Solid stuff. Can you throw some similar spaghetti?

[original article here]

[Grolsch story picked up from Damn I Wish]

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