Seth Godin Action Figure?

At THIS EVENT (Nov 13th Session), we were given these cool Seth Godin action figures (disclaimer: Seth made us promise to see the humor in it before he actually would allow us to keep “him”).


Inside, is a little purple booklet duly named “The Little Book of Marketing Secrets,” by Seth Godin.

Thought it might be beneficial to share the 12-marketing secrets included (copyright Seth Godin – no date specified, although action figure packaging has copyright date of 2007):

Marketing Secret #1 – Marketing is what happens when you tell a story (a true story, and authentic story) to the right people and the choose to believe it. And then they spread it. If you do it right, people take the actions you are hoping for. Tell the wrong story, you lose. Tell no story, you lose.

Marketing Secret #2 – The best stories don’t tell anything new. They make the audience feel smart and secure by reminding them how right they were in the first place.

Marketing Secret #3 – If you don’t know what to say, don’t say anything. If you don’t have an ad worth reading and acting upon, don’t run it.

Marketing Secret #4 – Anticipated, personal and relevant messages always outperform spam.

Marketing Secret #5 – A message aimed at everyone rarely reaches anyone. Be vivid. Tell a Story. Don’t be bland.

Marketing Secret #6 – The best marketing is a really great product.

Marketing Secret #7 – It’s no longer good enough to be good enough.

Marketing Secret #8 – The only asset you can build online is a permission asset: The privilege of marketing to people who want to be marketed to, of selling to people who want to be sold to.

Marketing Secret #9 – If you’re not remarkable, you’re now invisible.

Marketing Secret #10 – The easiest way to be remarkable is to compromise less, not more.

Marketing Secret #11 – The customer is always right. When the customers isn’t right, they’re not your customer anymore. Fire them.

Marketing Secret #12 – Would you put your name on it? If you wouldn’t, don’t do it, because your name IS on it.

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