What the Frush!?

No Nuts Here

Some seriously BRILLIANT WOMM I ran into last night.  It’s straight up from Sernovitz’s WOMM Manifesto, Rule #7.

Situation Report: Vines Grille & Wine Bar – quality steaks, fish, & live jazz.  Great place.

And no nuts.

Check out the bar.  No “snack food,” just a basket of bacon for their patrons.









That is some great stuff.

Sernovitz Rule #7:  Be Interesting, or Be Invisible.

Well done, Vines.

(Only improvement: make it easier for us Talkers to “tell-a-friend!!!”)

The Ultimate Skill Set

It’s actually an easy answer.


Question: “What’s the Ultimate Skill Set?”

Answer: “Knowing that you don’t know it all.”

When the drive goes away… when you’re not continually improving yourself… when you’re not continually improving your organization… when you’re not learning from others to provide your customers with the best experience possible… you’re DEAD.

Don’t Die.

That’s a NO-NO Cisco! (The VBR)

Check out the e-mail (it’s real, as typed to me) that I received this morning. Per what we learned this week, is this the proper way to write a VBR (Valid Business Reason)?

“Hello Craig,

Can we chat later this week? I wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know that several new packages and pricing options have recently been developed for businesses like yours.

I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we can customize a solution that will meet your online collaboration needs.

Please let me know a convenient day and time to discuss.



Don’t forget the main rule: NEVER start with “I” !!

The VBR is not about “you,” it’s about the Buying Influence (BI), and what’s in it for them!