GO PUNCH an Executive in the Face


Dude, you gotta HIT ‘EM HARD.

If you wanna learn all the different “buying styles” of “Executives,” then there’s plenty of info/reading out there.

But whatever the experts tell you, most of us are “Big Picture.”

Don’t go through features and benefits in front of me.  Don’t tell me about your “value proposition.”  Don’t tell me how you’re better than your competitor (perfect sales-guy move to devalue your product, by-the-way).

Just stop talking.

Ask a few questions so you understand what I’m trying to Accomplish, Fix, or Avoid… that is, take some time to understand WHAT PROBLEM AM I TRYING TO SOLVE?

And then… just TELL ME WHAT YOU DO, that helps me solve said problem.

It’s that simple.

Explain to me the ways in which you’re going to make our organization more efficient, and more effective.

Help me understand how you’re going to help us continue to invest in our PEOPLE, and give them the right tools to succeed.

Just tell me WHAT YOU DO.

Be Original.  Knock me out.  Sock me in the jaw.

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