Two Roles, That’s It Kid


If you really think it through, there are only two roles within any Company’s organization:

  1. Sales; and,
  2. Sales Support.

If you’re truly a Customer-Centric organization, then there quite simply can’t be any other role within your Company.


If you do have other roles, then you’re a product-centric company.

Everyone in your organization ultimately touches the product (service), the process, and definitively affects the Customer’s Experience.

It’s about a different paradigm: focus on your products, or focus on how your Customers EXPERIENCE your products.

One comment

  1. how can one influence the end user to get that experience….Marketing, salespeople, social media…..a video perhaps…….the world is becoming a visual society and seeing continues to be about believing and then it is how your product performs which is another excellent topic of discussion.

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