Dude, Where’s My Broccoli?

Check it out, this was some darn good WOMM… they just forgot the “Tool”…


A colleague, Chip, and his wife frequent the Capital Grille, which has dozens of the locations throughout the country.

Recently, they were at a Florida location, and as Chip’s wife was ordering, she looked at the menu, and exclaimed to the waiter, “You don’t have broccoli this evening? I love your broccoli!!”

The waiter responds, “I’m sorry ma’am, we do not.  However, there’s a Whole Foods two blocks down the street, and if you’re not in too much of a hurry, we’d be happy to walk down, purchase, and cook the broccoli to your liking.”

Solid.  In addition, the waiter then shared that they will update Chip’s profile to include that his wife enjoys the Capital Grille broccoli, and when they call in advance for a reservation, they will assure they have broccoli on hand for that evening.

Chip told me this story just last week; the only thing missing was an easy way for Chip to “tell-a-friend.”  A Tool.

Idea: gimme a card that says “Chip’s buddy, take care of me,” and I promise you the next place I eat would be Capital Grille.

Make sure you follow the 5T’s, found here.

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