Customer vs. Product

A product-centric company says, “Check out my cool sales pitch…”

A customer-centric company thinks, “I don’t really know what I’m selling, until I understand what he’s buying.

One of these business models is sustainable; the other isn’t.


  1. This is so true! Although, I have always been curious to learn and research about who my customers are and how my product will benefit their needs, I keep your class details in mind in preparation on how to ask the right questions keeping the customer in mind before I present my sales pitch! I continue to use the Green worksheets in preparation for obtaining a new customer. Thanks for keeping us informed, Craig!

    Marlene M.
    B.W.Corte Madera Inn!

  2. Take this a step farther and find the product your customers need before they even know they need it. A solid example of this is microprocessors. Rarely did the company that built the bigger, faster, better chip get it to market before it was one upped by the competition. Some of these companies understood what they could build and not what the customer was trying to accomplish with the digital storage chips and processing speed. Understanding what a customer is buying is anticipating his needs and solving his problems all before he knows he has either! Great post Craig!

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