The Action Commitment

What’s the point of a sales call?


To move the sales process forward!

What’s our tool to do just that? The Action Commitment.

REMEMBER: The Action Commitment (AC) is not what we’re going to do, it’s the ACTION the CUSTOMER is going to COMMIT to TAKING!

This is NOT an AC:

You: “Bob, will you pull together a list of your top 10 customers?”

Bob: “Yeah, sure… I’ll try and get that done.”

Note that there is NO commitment here… just a “yes,” and Bob really never has to do or commit to anything.

This IS an AC:

You: “Bob, what is a good time next week for us to sit down and review a top 10 customer list you’d be able to create?”

Bob: “I should be able to have that together for you by Wednesday.”

Note this time that Bob had to think things through, prob look at his calendar… and then COMMIT to a date, and to the ACTION of prepping the top 10 customer list.

Action Commitments will engage the Buying Influence, and allow us to move the sales process forward at a more efficient and effective rate.

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