Real Life Beer WOMM

[a real life WOMM submission by Carl]

Rogue LetterLast week I sat down for dinner (ok, maybe it was lunch) at a favorite spot of mine – the Issaquah Brewhouse in Issaquah, WA. It is owned by Rogue Beers and Spirits out of Newport, Oregon. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years, and know that when I’m in one of their pubs or drinking their beer, it’s going to be a good experience.

With my expectations pretty high going in, it would have been difficult to exceed them. They did, but in a remarkable way.

Immediately upon sitting down I was given a 3oz taster of a new beer and this letter:

Here’s the important part – the handwritten note, and the story connecting the taste experience with the manufacturing and the craftsman who made it:

Rogue Letter closeup

The beer was good! So was the bowl of chili and salad. I gave a silent toast to the beer makers I just read about and their commitment to their craft.

Rogue is an incredibly strong brand in the Pacific Northwest and growing nationally. In fact, it was started by a former Nike marketing guy who wanted to combine 2 passions in his life, but all along has been focused growing the brand. Here’s an excellent blog on Rogue you might find interesting discussing its branding.

Here’s a challenge: incorporate this idea of sending unexpected samples with hand-written notes into your sales day, and let us know your results!

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