Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts

There’s really no differences between the two… both have flavored coffee, both have food. Sure, you could argue for hours about the quality of drinks, how they’re brewed, etc… but as a “buyer” I’ll come back to you each time with, “Yeah, but it’s still just a coffee bean at the end of the day, pal.”

Chocolate donuts with coffee

So then, how is it exactly then that these two companies create VALUE for their customers?

Both maintain DISTINCTION.


  • Take your time kind of place;
  • Bring your laptop;
  • Sit and read the paper.


  • Move your butt;
  • Get out of line;
  • Get a good cup coffee, quickly!

These are two very successful companies that have won by creating Distinction. They don’t focus their selling and marketing efforts around the “difference” between the features and benefits of their coffee, they do so around the experience.

Successful companies today realize that the tried and true historical best strategy for success is to create and maintain DISTINCTION.

Distinction creates VALUE.

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