The Soda Machine

Mostsales people are like a Soda Machine, does that include you?

Soda Machines

If I want a soda, I show up in front of vending machine “row,” look at the sodas available, put in my 75cents and walk away with a can of carbonated sugar-water.

There’s so much information out there today, that most sales people have allowed themselves to be reduced to a simple Soda Machine.  The Buyer does his/her own research on the options available, which includes you and your stiffest competition… then calls in the vending machine (salesperson) to share availability and pricing.  Buyer then makes his own decision.

Why wait until the end of the sales process?

If you’re acting like a Soda Machine, spewing up availability and pricing at the end of the sales process, you’ll never be able to demonstrate value for your product/service.

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