Um, What’s Golden Silence?

Last post we talked about the ‘ol “Show Up & Throw Up“… and the importance of following this: “Stop Talking. Ask Questions. Practice Golden Silence.

So, what exactly IS Golden Silence? Well, it’s easy:


Ask your great question, wait for the Buying Influence (BI) to answer… and once the BI has responded, wait and additional 3-4 seconds. Why the second pause after the BI answers? Two reasons:

  1. It demonstrates to the BI that you’re actually LISTENING to and PROCESSING the important information the BI is sharing with you;
  2. As a general rule, people will elaborate on their initial response given the chance! So, give it to them, ’cause you’ll get even more information critical to your sale!

Golden Silence: don’t leave home without it.

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