The Show Up and Throw Up!

SilencedToo many times us sales people show up to a meeting or appointment and TELL! TELL! TELL! about our products and/or services.

It’s called the ‘ol “show up and throw up.”

We TALK TALK TALK, and continually “throw up” a bunch of features & benefits.

Stop talking. Ask questions. Practice Golden Silence.

By asking great questions, we can truly understand the problems that the customer is facing… and how our products or services can help provide a solution.

Think it through in the most basic way: you could likely tell me 1,000 things about your widget-service. Out of those thousand, are you planning on guessing which ten to tell me and “throw up” in the twenty minutes you have in front of me?  Most of us actually just use the ten we’re comfortable speaking about, and hopefully some will relate to the customer’s needs.

Why take that risk?

Ask some questions… understand my problems… then share with me the relevant information about your products & services!  Accomplish just this, and we can begin to morph into true sales professionals…

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