What About Bid?


There couldn’t be a more true statement: “The value lies in the contrast.” Rigid drill costs $100, Bosch at $200; then you compare the features and benefits of each drill, and decide what type of value you get for the extra hundred bucks.

What about Bids? Builders are shopping three, four and five LYards at a time for quotes on a single job… and LYards prep their quotes, list their products, and total that bottom line $$ number… and that’s EXACTLY where the builder starts, that final $$ amount that it’s gonna cost him.

When your bottom line number is higher than the competition, how easy it is for the builder to understand the VALUE he gets for the extra monies? What if you could find a way to include a “value” column in the bid? What if you could highlight a benefit of each product on your quote, compared to the cheaper products your competition is carrying, and that value created could somehow be totaled?


Now how cool would it be to find a way to calculate total labor savings…

WARNING: demonstrating value through contrast can lead to excessive amounts of orders.

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