Own Your Zip Code!!!

“Happy customers are your best advertisers; if they like you and like what you do, they will tell their friends.” (Andy Sernovitz)

We had a customer looking to increase DIY revenue; rather than advertise in the local newspaper, and spend thousands of dollars at that doing so, we proposed that they engage in a WOMM Campaign.

So, we created the following Blog site (draft example) for them:

TheOCpros home page


The Concept is Simple:

  • Content geared towards DIY projects, using supplies stocked at Pro Lumberyard
  • Exclusive “Builders’ Guild” or “Ambassador” program; builders earn the privilege of author status of the blog
  • Builders able to market themselves and promote their own work, via their blog posts, a URL-link to their own site, etc. The Blog Authors will immediately become THE EXPERTS in the Community. That means more jobs.
  • Lumberyard branded as the “go-to” destination for expert advice and quality materials
  • The Empty Bin manages the WOMM 5-T process, assist builders in photographing DIY projects & writing posts

People want Local; and they understand community.

Don’t believe me? See Seth’s post here: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/01/time-to-start-a.html

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