From the Remodelers ADVANTAGE WOMM workshop, here are 15 of the talker ideas developed out into full fledged WOMM campaigns. For any of these ideas, (or talker ideas not on this list) contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you!


The Concept:Every time you go to the dentist you are a captive audience.  There you are sitting while the dental hygienist is cleaning your teeth.  Make the hygienist a talker for your company.  You can make their office a more pleasant place to work.  Provide pieces of granite to be used as table tops to keep their tools on.  Provide small pieces of granite to be used as coasters for their desk as well.  Place your company info on back of the coaster and offer them a set for their home.   Take it to the next level by randomly showing up in the morning with coffee & fruit for the office.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Dental Hygienist;

Topic: They made my office a nicer place to work;

Tool: Granite coasters;

Taking Part: Randomly stop into the office to talk with the staff and see if there are any other small projects you can help them out with;

Tracking: (use your internal systems to measure ROI);


The Concept: Having a work crew in your house can often be inconvenient and intimidating.  Help the woman of the home feel like she is part of the team and involved in the entire scope of the project.  Give her daily updates as to the progress that is being made.  Take photos of the jobsite in various stages of construction documenting the change.  When the project is finished create a book showing the transformation that took place in her home (there are many online companies that can make photo albums at a very reasonable price).  Be sure to also have a digital copy of the book on a flash drive so that she can share the work you have done with her friends and family.   Follow-up with her to make sure she is happy with the project and to offer a few extra photo albums.   

The 5 T’s:

Talker:Women customers;

Topic:They provided a photo album of the job;

Tool: Photo album and flash drive with digital copies to share;

Taking Part:Follow up on satisfaction with the work as well as offer to send over some more photo albums;

Tracking: Use your own internal ROI;

The Concept: There are a lot of homeowners who love their dogs.  Turn these dog lovers into your talkers.  When you bid a job, have a sheet where you also take down notes on their dogs.  Ask about the walking schedule and what their pet’s favorite treat is.  When you show up at the jobsite bring the favorite treat and a new dog toy.  Bring some extra bags of treats with a small label on it.  Have your business name on the treat bag as well as the Fido’s.  Explain to the owner that the extra bags of treats are to be handed out to Fido’s friends (or their friends who have dogs).  Follow up and check on how Fido is enjoying the completed work on the home.

The 5 T’s:

Talker:Dog Lovers;

Topic:They love my dog;

Tool: Bags of treats;

Taking Part: Follow up with how Fido likes the project (could be a letter with a treat in it);

Tracking: Use your own internal ROI;

The Concept: Neighborhood Associations can often add a new dynamic to a job.  You need to make sure you not only do a good job for your customer, but also make sure you follow the association’s guidelines.  Before starting the job, try to meet with the association’s board and be sure you are up to speed on all requirements set forth by the organization.  While the project is underway follow-up with board members to ensure that no complaints or questions have been raised.  Provide board members with a contact card that details the scope of the job and provides a rough schedule of the timeline.  Give them extra cards that can be handed out to other association members. 

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Neighborhood association members;

Topic: They gave a contact/timeline sheet to all the members;

Tool:Contact/timeline sheet;

Taking Part:Call board members periodically during the job;

Tracking: Use your own internal ROI;

The Concept: Every community has groups that are looking for help, whether they are churches, schools or youth groups all can use a hand.  For this example let’s use Cub Scouts.  Offer a woodworking class to the local Cub Scout chapter.  The first workshop could be building a Pine Wood Derby car.  Hold the event on a Saturday and tell scouts that parents are welcome to ecome help build the cars.  Create a flyer explaining what your company specializes in as wll as upcoming workshops you will be holding.  Hand out extra flyers and encourage both the kids and parents to invite friends to attend future events.  Be sure to get the contact information of everyone who attends so that you can let them know about future events. 

The 5 T’s:

Talker:Parents of Cub Scouts;

Topic:They helped my son build his Pine Wood Derby car;

Tool:Fliers promoting future events you will hold;

Taking Part:Follow-up with attendees and personally invite them to future events;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Build a better relationship with your vendors.  When you stop by in the morning to buy your materials bring them doughnuts.  Be sure to place some of your cards in the box as well.  Take a few minutes to tell them about the current jobs you have going on and what you specialize in.  Leave a few brochures behind and encourage them to mention you in conversation.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Vendor;

Topic: Doughnuts in the morning;

Tool: Business cards and flyers about your company;

Taking Part: Talk to them over a doughnut about what you are working on and what your ideal project is;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Almost everyone loves coffee.  Turn coffee drinkers into talkers with the help of your local coffee barista. Have your barista hand out free coffee for a few hours one morning.  Have her tell the patron that their coffee has been paid for by (company name) and in fact one of the guys is sitting right over there.  When they come over to thank you bring up what you do and hand out some free coffee coupons for them to give to a friend.  Have your company info on the back of the coupon as well as a photo of a recent project you have completed.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Coffee Drinker;

Topic: Free Coffee;

Tool:Coffee coupons with company info;

Taking Part: Be present at the coffee house and engage the coffee drinkers;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: When you are working on a project do something nice for the neighbors as well.  Go around the neighborhood and leave a flier talking about your company and informing them about a dumpster day you will be having when the project on their neighbors house is complete.  All you need to do is leave the dumpster on the job for an extra day (you may need to empty it if it is full from your project).  Let all the neighbors know what day the dumpster will be picked up and thank them for putting up with any inconvenience that may have come along with your project.  You can take it to the next level by using one of your trucks to do hazardous material and recycle runs in the future on set dates.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Neighbor;

Topic: They let use their dumpster;

Tool:Flier with information on your company as well as dumpster date;

Taking Part: Follow up with future pick-up dates;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Hairdressers are always talking with their customers.  Visit you local hairdressers and offer to sharpen their scissors.  Leave cards with them to hand out to other hairdressers so they can contact you for scissor sharpening as well.  Be sure to include information on the back about the kind of projects your company works on.  When you go to sharpen their scissors bring some photos of recent project you and your team have completed.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Hairdresser;

Topic: Sharp scissors;

Tool: Scissor sharpening card with company information;

Taking Part: Talk to them about current project your company is working on;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Realtor (buying agent) gives new home-buyer a “New-Home-Kit” that you create.  The kit will include maintenance tools and products, perhaps a book on “how-to’s,” certificates, etc.  Kit also includes an “icebreaker-item,” which would be 10-qty of said item that new home-buyer could pass out to neighbors.  Include your information should they ever have a larger project they need help or advise with.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Realtor (buying agent), and H/O;

Topic: The New Home Kit!;

Tool:10-qty of ice breaker item (perhaps gloves, utility knife, other);

Taking Part: Your estimator works with realtor to prep estimates/guesstimates for repairs, upgrades, bigger projects on home;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Whenever you are working on a home there are always people passing by wondering what you are doing.  Often times they are walking with their canine friend.  Set up a treat/poop bag station on the sidewalk.  Have your company logo and information both on the poop and treat bags.  Dog walkers will stop, take notice of your company and tell their friends about the cool remodeling company that had a treat station set-up for their dog.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Dog Walkers;

Topic: Treat station for my dog;

Tool:Poop bags and treat bags;

Taking Part: Leave a binder with picture of other projects on top of the treat station highlighting the work your team does;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Your past customers are great talkers for your company.  Give them reasons to remember the great work you have done for them.  Send them maintenance care packages ranging from batteries for smoke detectors to filters for furnaces.  Make the package fun and include tip cards on things they should check on the home depending on the season.  Call them at least once a year to check on the work you did and ask if there is anything else you can help out with.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Past customers;

Topic: They sent me maintenance kit;

Tool:Tip cards (encourage them to share with friends);

Taking Part: Calling with them to check on the completed work;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Create a coloring book for the kids of your customers.  Make the book about your company and the work you do.  Have a special tear out sheet in the back where the kids can color the page and mail it back to you.  Scan the mailed in sheet and put it on your web page. 

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Kids/Parents;

Topic: They gave the kids a coloring book;

Tool: The coloring book (leave a few extra that can be given to friends);

Taking Part: The tear-out sheet that you post on your website.  Take it to the next level by sending them a return letter with something cool (ice cream coupon etc…);

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Journalists/bloggers are always looking for interesting topics to write about.  Help them out by offering educational courses and write-ups on new building techniques, products, trends etc. 

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Journalists/Bloggers;

Topic: Providing them content;

Tool: Educational articles that can be shared with readers;

Taking Part: Working with the journalist/blogger to develop new content that is remodeling based;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);

The Concept: Lend a hand to the elderly and the disabled.  Work with non-profit groups to build wheelchair ramps for those in need.  Make the family of the recipients of the ramp aware of the work you do and offer to build additional ramps should they know anyone else in need.  On the back of the information you provide on the ramps include the other scope of work your company does.

The 5 T’s:

Talker: Non-Profit group members/ Family of disabled;

Topic: They build wheelchair ramps;

Tool: Card with information to share with others who may be in need of ramps;

Taking Part: You can post a DIY video online on how to build your own wheelchair ramp;

Tracking: (use your own internal systems to determine ROI);


Let us know what you think! & don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to try one of these ideas or would like to build out another concept!

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