The Elevator Pitch

CC image: ‘Elevator Doors’ by Ricardo Diaz

When you go to an event with friends you always end up meeting new people. Whether you are at a ball game or a BBQ, it is inevitable that someone is going to ask “What do you do?”. This is your chance to either amaze them or repeat the boring paragraph HR used when describing your position.

Here is a great response to “What do you do?”.

“Do you know what your most valuable asset is? Most people make mention of their home, cars or other high value possessions. Although those are valuable your most important asset is your future income. This is the income you will make over the life of your professional career. My job is to protect that income by limiting your exposure from liabilities such as your home, auto and yourself.”

From that response you want to know more about what the person does and you also want to ask questions to see if that person could potentially provide value for you.

Much more powerful then the standard “I sell insurance” response.

CC image: ‘Elevator Doors’ by Ricardo Diaz

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