Why use the Greensheet (GST)?

“Craig, do you REALLY take the time to actually fill out a GST?”


Absolutely, and it’s simple math that leads me down that path.

I figure for a Customer that will be buying millions of dollars of our products over the lifetime of the account, taking 20 minutes to plan and assure an effective meeting is an excellent investment of my time; and of course it builds my credibility.

It’s equally important that I plan to explore the customer’s Concept, and what questions I need to ask so I’ll be able to better understand what the customer is looking to accomplish/fix/avoid.

In fact, I had a sales call today was with a Conceptual Selling customer-graduate; we were in a meeting today with his “VP” of the LYard.

It was a very brief sit-down, but I was able to ask my confirmation question, a new information question, and my action commitment question.

I now have a much stronger understanding of the customer’s Concept; and this will help me share the proper Unique Strengths during our next meeting, for which my action commitment question received a “yes.”

[Okay, well it was a “pseudo” action commitment; given the unknowns of my own travel, I was forced to set the date for the next appointment in “a couple of weeks” instead of being specific.]

Planning Pays.

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