Another Terrible VBR…

Ah, the ‘ol VBR (Valid Business Reason)… well, certainly the below doesn’t work, on multiple fronts (received the e-mail this morning):

1) He starts with “I”

2) I’m never a good person to speak with

3) Doesn’t he know that we’re in the building industry, thereby… what’s compensation even mean?

4) “Love?”

“Hi Craig,

I was hoping to learn more about your incentive compensation process, would you be a good person to speak with?  If not, can you possibly point me in the right direction?

Xactly provides a solution that helps companies streamline and automate their sales compensation process.  Some benefits include:

-Increase visibility to sales and management -Reduce manual workload -Provide real time analytical reports for executive management -Easily change comp plans and run spiffs while maintaining accuracy and audit trail

I would love to know either way what your thoughts are.



This e-mail is all about “Matt.”  And I don’t “love” him.

Don’t forget the most important rule:  It’s not about “I,” it’s about the customer, and what’s in it for them to meet with you… or take your call, or answer your e-mail.

[NO, WindsorONE sales team, I’m still not gonna call the guy]

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